Record collecting

Gathering Plastic Records

It is funny how sometimes the experts are dead wrong about different trends.  The vinyl record industry was suppose to be completely dead a long time ago.  Why would people want a subpar sounding music medium in this digital day in age?  Despite everything going against it, records have continued to hold on through all of these years.  We will examine why this might be, and find just what the allure is when it comes to records.

Part of the allure may come from the joy that is felt when heading to the record shop and purchasing something tangible that you can hold and handle.  It becomes a conversation starter and also serves as something to talk with other music lovers about.  People that purchase records usually have an exact routine that they go through when they get a new record.  Even though there are plenty of ways to consume music online and via an mp3 player, it is hard to argue that sitting down with friends and playing a record has quite a charming allure.

For some people, collecting records has become a sort of fixation, it is their release.  I know that probably sounds strange but I have come to realize that everyone has their things that they do obsessively whether they realize it or not.  Some other people only purchase a few of their most important or favorite bands records.

Trying to find an old record can be exciting, you scour the internet in hopes that you find that diamond in the rough.  I guess they call that the thrill of the chase.  People will head out to garage and estate sales in hopes that they find that missing record from their collection.  Finding that special record can bring a large amount of joy to the right person and who am I to judge that?  Usually the satisfaction is short lived because you start to move your attention towards the next missing piece of your collection.  Side note: I remember the first record I purchased from a garage sale, it was called (Son of a Plumber)  I was 16 at the time and thought it was funny.  Turns out it was a fairly popular band in Sweden.

Records serve as a tangible piece of history that documents different eras in time. The sound of a record is like no other music medium out there.  There is something raw and real about it that you will not found replicated through any digital music.  I believe that is the number one reason that records are still around and are utilized by a large percentage of current artists.  It is obviously more common with less popular bands, you will not see a Miley Cyrus vinyl record anytime soon.  It is much more popular with the punk, hardcore and rock and roll genres all of which are founded on the premise of being raw and imperfect.  Pop music tries to hard to achieve perfection and that can be to its own detriment.

The final reason we will talk about is the monetary reason to collect.  Some people collect simply for financial gain.  No judgement from me, I have done my fair share of reselling and everyone needs a niche.  Some records can be worth thousands of dollars depending on there condition.  Becoming knowledgeable can take many years but once you know what to look for, there can be a lot of money to be made. Records can also be a different kind of investment, the investment of our culture.  Records can be fragile and will not last forever and some people feel that it is their purpose to preserve them.  Part of what makes music so great is that it can bring so many different types of people together from all different walks of life.

There is no digital counterpart of a record and can not be totally replaced no matter how hard it tries to.  People are all different and that is why the record industry will always hold on to a small part of the pie.


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