Tips for a smoother wedding plan and life with your spouse.

A lot of people think about their wedding day as early as childhood.  Just because you have thought about it your entire life does not mean that you should have to spend your entire life savings to go through with it.  There is a large segment of the population that is more budget conscious and is realizing that they can have a much more enjoyable wedding day with a smaller celebration.  It can be much more personal and memorable when everyone at the ceremony and reception is close family and friends.  I hope that this post will help you see the value in a smaller event and offer some tips for having a more comfortable wedding day.

Tip #1

For the men- Try to find some classy looking athletic shoes that are black in color.  Tennis shoes are much more comfortable than most dress shoes and in actuality, most of your shoes will be covered by your pants anyways.  So long as you make sure the shoes are brand new and clean then no one is gonna be any the wiser.

Tip #2

Have a small but memorable wedding and save your money for a place to live with your spouse after the wedding.  My personal opinion is that it is much smarter to save the money from the wedding and put a down payment on a house instead of spending it all on a huge lavish wedding.  There are a lot of people that create this giant wedding and afterwards their plan is to live with one of their parents until they get on their feet.  That just seems crazy to me, have a small intimate wedding and start your life with your spouse in a place of your own.

Tip #3

Do not be afraid to ditch old outdated traditions that do not line up with your personality or values.  When I was married we wanted my uncle to marry us because we love him but we also did not want a ultra religious ceremony.  The religious ceremony did not fit into our core values so it did not work out that he would marry us.  We ended up using a priest that admitted that he no longer believed in God and was only making a living at this point.  I am sure that will offend some but for me and my wife personally, this was the perfect person to marry us.  The main point is to be true to yourself, do not allow your family to dictate what you do and don’t do at YOUR wedding.

Tip #4

Use a DJ not a band.  I think it is probably much more common to use a DJ anyways but just in case… A DJ allows you to personalize your music to a much higher extent.  With a band, you do not really know exactly what songs the band will know or will play.

Tip #5

If weather permits, have an outdoor wedding.  This can be a great way to save some cash since you may be able to have your wedding at a friend or family members yard.  Not having to pay for a church is an easy way to cut back expenses.  You could also have your reception outdoors at the same location which will save you money further.

Tip #6

Make a checklist or search for one online.  This helped me visualize what needed to be done in a much more tangible manner.  There are a lot of resources for wedding planning online and on YouTube.

Tip #7 (Most important)

Do not allow a wedding to start out your married life deep in the red.  One of the highest causes of divorce is debt.  When money is tight everyone is on edge and if you save money on your wedding you can have a nice cushion in place or maybe even by a home to start your life in.  Yes you will have to deal with a smaller more personal wedding but in my opinion the trade offs are well worth it.

What is your opinion on the matter?  Leave a comment below and let me know.


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