Sheet Music Collection

When you are a music lover, starting different collections can be a fun pass time.  We spoke about record collecting in a precious post but this post we will be talking about collecting songbooks or sheet music.

Starting a top notch songbook collection has become a very easy process nowadays.  With the rise of eBay, Craigslist and others, the world of sheet music is at your finger tips.  Collecting sheet music is actually very affordable and since it does not take up much space it will not annoy your partner as much as it would to collect something like cars. 😉  You can find old song books at yard sales, estate sales and flea markets.  It can be fun to hunt for a specific song or artist but it is great to keep your eyes peeled for something that you were not expecting because you never know when something unusual will pop up. On average, many of these items will run between a few dollars to twenty-five dollars.  There are some rare ones that can run up to and over one thousand dollars.  Song book collecting is fun because of the variation in color and graphics that you will come across.  A lot of these books are works of art in themselves.

People collect things in different ways, some people collect only a specific genre of sheet music such as classical or jazz.  Other people collect only a specific artist.  This particular type of collecting can be nice because you can actually see an actual goal of collecting every piece of work from that artist.  If you do end up completing your collection for a specific artist most people end up missing it so they start a new collection for another artist.  This type of collecting can be slow going especially for less popular artists that only had so many prints made.  There are many different ways to collect and they are only limited by your own imagination.  Another option is to only collect love songs, the possibilities are endless as you can see.

Vintage sheet music is another popular collection.  Several collectors that I know are interested in collecting Ragtime sheet music.  Finding sheets to add to your collection can be tough because this printed music can be over a century old.  Remember that these music sheets are printed on paper that is very easily damaged so finding a collection that is in good shape is a tall order.  When you do find a great piece it is not uncommon to frame and display your piece with pride.


Displaying a cool or vintage music sheet can be a great conversation starter or focus piece for a bar, rec room or living room in your home.  You can display it along side some of your other vintage collector pieces where it will look right at home.

I would like to personally thank all of the collectors of the world because without you there is a lot of history that would be lost.  Collectors are keeping our past alive and that would be a sad thought to think about.  Do you have any cool collections?  If so, let us know in the comment section below.


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